Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dream Big Dreams? No, Dream with big God!

Well, I guess this blog won’t be titled “Dream Big Dreams” if I don’t talk about dreams! I talk about dreams a lot but I realized I should be talking more about the Dream-Giver, Jesus Christ! So many times in our lives (especially my life) we’re too focused on reaching our dream that we forget above all that, it’s more important to focus on Jesus, the Dream-Giver. When our dream doesn’t come to pass, we will be disappointed and dragged down in a deep deep pit if we miss the main point! The main point is not about reaching your dream but the main point is being drawn to Jesus in the journey of reaching that dream! If our dream doesn’t draw us closer to God, then there must be something wrong with it. It’s either we’ve been so caught up in the obsession of achieving that dream or that the dream is not even God’s will for us. How many times in our lives we can’t differentiate between obsession and commitment. Obsession is when we are stressed out because things don’t go the way we planned and we still try to make those things happen but commitment is when things don’t go the way we planned but we choose to still be happy, relax and trust in God. That’s commitment. Today I want to choose commitment over obsession. I want to be committed to God, to His plan and to His decree and won’t be obsessed with my dream, no matter how perfect or “glorifying God” it may sound. Sometimes it seems like I already understood the Christian’s “Christian thing” but actually nothing is more Christian then surrendering our lives to Christ!

Surrender = paradosi (greek) = giving up = submitting = abiding

The act of surrendering is actually not just a one-time act, I learned that the act of surrendering should be practiced on a daily basis. Surrender, surrender, surrender until it becomes a habit and then becomes a character, a character of someone who’s truly surrendered to Christ and His will.