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pretty duckling

pretty duckling by yemima-putri-alma featuring a sequin sweater Sequin sweater

Yellow skirt

Banana Republic leopard print flat

Suede handbag
$2,075 -

let's warm up

Beauty is for a moment, but kindness is timeless

Yesterday, I watched Catwoman movie and the guy who plays Tom Lone in the movie is oh-so-cute. So then I searched  his name on Google, but once I found his pictures, he now looks so old and ugly. I then remember women who were once beautiful and pretty but now became ugly. This is one of the examples, she once was pretty but she did so many plastic surgeries so now she looks very ugly to me:

It reminded me that beauty is temporary, but kindness will always be remembered. Can anybody tell me who was the winner of Miss Universe in 1995 without looking it up in Google? I guess not.. However, if people ask who was a princess who cared about others; they will immediately say it was Princess Diana. Despite her tragic death, everyone around the world remembered her kindness and generosity. So, let's spread our kindness (love) just like the song from India Arie:

The clothes that you're wearing
It will one day be out of style
The car that you're driving
One day will vax out in miles


red red

red red by yemima-putri-alma featuring leather boots Crop top
$31 -

H&M cotton pants
$40 -

H&M leather boots
$48 -

Chanel handbag

palm trees :)

palm trees :) by yemima-putri-alma featuring high top sneakers Top

Trench coat
$675 -

Minty Meets Munt gold skirt
$185 -

Madison Harding high top sneaker

Let's take a walk:)

Let's take a walk:) by yemima-putri-alma featuring quilted handbags
H M chiffon blouse
$32 Short shorts
A Wear ballet flat

Moschino Cheap Chic quilted handbag
$540 -

Made this set on :) Leave your comment about it!

PS: If you need fashion advice, fashion tip, or whatever it is about fashion, just feel free to ask! I'd love to help :)



XLarge Blazer by cutekawaiiandgoodlooking featuring a long coat
Floral shirt

Long coat

Bardot summer shorts
$83 -

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe pumps Chloé studded handbag

Oscar de la Renta gold metal belt

I love this look a lot! The over-sized coat, white shirt, and lace short match perfectly! Oh how I want to wear them right away! Don't you love them too? <3



Grasshopper :)

Today I got the chance to have lunch with some of my girlfriends in college at a place called 'Grasshopper'. I tried their fried rice and it's oh-so-tasty. Not only do I love the food, but I also love the place. It has birdcages hanging all over the ceiling. They also have a good music playlist.  We chatted for hours. We talked about boys, school, and so much more! (you know girls, haha) Unfortunately, I didn't bring my Nikon Camera so we took pictures from my iPad that doesn't really have a good quality. Here are some of the pictures:

While I spent my time with them, I thanked God for them inside my heart. Remember about joie de vivre that I posted a few days ago? One of the joy of living is to share with others and making others laugh. That's what we did! There were lots of 'LOL' when we were together this afternoon. I hope this week you have a chance to spend your time with your lovelies and put away all those smartphones (which are not really smart …

Interior design, music, etc :)

One more thing that I love beside fashion, beauty, and music is interior design! I just love the interior design in this video. It's actually a kitchen but it gives me a decoration idea for my room (I will upload the picture once I get the chance to realize the decoration idea!). In this video, Rae Morris is singing her song called 'Grow'. I hope you like the whole package of the video as much as I do!



Recommended Book

I'm currently reading a book entitled "Bonjour, Happiness!" The book is not only pretty on the outside but inside it has many beautiful stories too! I just love how Jamie Cat Callan does her story-telling. This book tells us how so many times we overlook little things around us that can actually bring happiness into our lives (exactly same with my thought!) Here is one of my favorite paragraphs in this book:
Joie de vivre (joy of living) is about loving life, loving people, loving to be alive, feeling alive. It is about smiling, being in your heart, and being grateful for all the beautiful things in your life; being in good health, being able to hear, to see, to walk, being grateful for all the lovely and loving people (people we know or strangers we meet), being grateful for the nature surrounding us and all that it gives to us. Joie de vivre is about sharing with others, smiling, laughing, making people a little less down, feeling useful to one another, making them be…

Two of my favorite things

These are two of my favorite things (In the future, I would upload more pictures of my favorite things! haha) First, piano. I just love it cause it produces beautiful sound that soothes and calms people, well, it actually depends on how you play it, but anyway most of the time I play the piano to relax myself after a long and busy day. I also love to play other instruments but piano tops everything.

Second is my heart necklace. I almost wear it every time and everywhere. It has cross inside the heart that reminds me not to be afraid cause John 16:33 says "I (Jesus) have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." Jesus had died on the cross, but He has risen again. He died for you and me, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Without Him, we deserve death, but He died so that we can live.



Introduction to my world of fashion and beauty

I don't know about you, but since I was a little kid, I loved trying on my mom's clothes but I didn't realize that I actually have a love for fashion. As I got older, I realized that my love for fashion is real. I just love to mix and match etc. Not only do I love fashion, I also love beauty. Unfortunately, it is sad how people define beauty nowadays. What is beauty? For me, beauty is not about your skin color, your height, or your weight. Beauty is something inside of you that reflects "beauty" itself. I know that it sounds cliche, but it's the truth! So many girls committed suicide or ended up anorexic just because people have been stereotyping beauty as skinny and tall. Don't let this world grab a hold of you, take you in, and mold you into something you don't want to be; because when it's all said and done, you can't turn around and change a single thing (stole this from B.Reith's song called Cold World, you should check it out =D ) S…