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Beauty is for a moment, but kindness is timeless

Yesterday, I watched Catwoman movie and the guy who plays Tom Lone in the movie is oh-so-cute. So then I searched  his name on Google, but once I found his pictures, he now looks so old and ugly. I then remember women who were once beautiful and pretty but now became ugly. This is one of the examples, she once was pretty but she did so many plastic surgeries so now she looks very ugly to me:

It reminded me that beauty is temporary, but kindness will always be remembered. Can anybody tell me who was the winner of Miss Universe in 1995 without looking it up in Google? I guess not.. However, if people ask who was a princess who cared about others; they will immediately say it was Princess Diana. Despite her tragic death, everyone around the world remembered her kindness and generosity. So, let's spread our kindness (love) just like the song from India Arie:

The clothes that you're wearing
It will one day be out of style
The car that you're driving
One day will vax out in miles
Your hair and your makeup
And the time that it takes up
It will take the same care of
Ya give someone ya love

Kindness is timeless
Love is so easy to give
It just takes a moment
To show somebody you care

The clothes that you're wearing They will one day be out of style And the car that you're driving One day will wax out in miles
Hair and your make up And the time that it takes up It will take the same care of Givin' someone ya love
Kindness is timeless Love is so easy to give It just takes a moment To show someone you care


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