Wednesday, May 14, 2014

See, Dreams Do Come True! #2

This story is not about me but sure it's about dream! It's about my beautiful sister and her dream :)

(Yup, that's her)

She had always dreamt to see John Mayer live in concert! She's been his big fan since she was in junior high school (now you can see what a big fan she is)! She had always listened to his songs and stalked his Instagram! Lol. Guess what happened next?  Yup, you're right! She finally got the chance to see John Mayer LIVE in concert! What crazier is not only she got the chance to see his concert but she got to see his concert in Melbourne with me! (Yea, let's put the emphasis on "Melbourne" not on "with me". Haha)

(She's so stoked about it that she posted the picture of the ticket a month ago)

(yeah,that's me updating my status :D)

See, dreams do come true! Don't be afraid to dream! My sister did not wait for a year or two to see her dream came true. Instead she waited for years but she did not stop dreaming of seeing John Mayer live in concert (obviously-read what I wrote above about her stalking him-Haha) so if you dream of something and you haven't seen it coming to pass don't give up! God can do anything beyond what we imagine. I will always encourage you to dare to dream and remember when it comes true that it's all because of Jesus.