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You are loved!

Well, yes you are loved! This is true. I think everyone needs to be reminded of this every single day. As a human being, it's so important for us to feel loved. Yet we forget that before we were even born, there's this One being that has loved us long before anybody did. The One who formed you in your mother's womb. The One who won't leave you after knowing every single crazy thing about you (including those that no one knows). The One who would never give up on you even when we just want to give up on ourselves. The One that will always keep His promises although we don't always keep our words. The One that created this universe. Yes, that One. I just feel like I need to be reminded of this because I know that human's love will fade away. Sometimes we try so hard to get and feel loved. We'll do anything and say anything for that. Maybe, just like me, you sometimes feel like you are alone and no one loves you. I just wanna tell you how special you are an

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